tree hugger

I have a dear friend that lives right outside my window. He is beautiful, protective and a comforting companion to me. He is the Romeo to this Juliet. He receives me with loving open arms, while he stands tall and strong. His wardrobe is amazing in the Fall. He decks himself out in an amazing shade of crimson. It is quite dazzling to the eye. Midwinter he is a bit of an exhibitionist and wears nothing at all.

Who is my Romeo? None other than my beloved tree. I can’t even tell you of his nationality. Pine, Elm, Cottonwood? I have not a clue, nor do I care. It is Greek to me.

Aristotle once said, “one soul inhabiting two bodies”. When I sit beneath his sturdy branches, this seems to mean us. The birds above celebrate our joy and share this harmony through the quiet community. The sun’s warmth smiles gently on my skin through the artistry of his familiar branches.

While the world is dark, he is content to share me with my husband, as we warm ourselves with the chiminea’s fire. Early morning, before the sun even peeks over the horizon, and the birds begin the lilting symphony, we gather yet again with the chiminea. So begins our day together in this land of Nod. While the air is quiet he speaks to me through the slight rustle of the many leaves he adorns. We both agree this is the perfect start to our new day.

My tree is my guardian and confidant, offering me solace, peace and contentment. He is the Jack to this Jill. My Romeo, my tree.