The Master Sergeant’s Breakfast


My cat, Tangle, orders me around like a Master Sergeant.

I am here, for the express purpose, to do her bidding.


As I stumble into the kitchen (toward that freshly brewed, “pot of gold” calling my name), I am rudely interrupted.  I am ordered, rather impatiently in feline, to fill the Master Sergeant’s food dish and to do it NOW.

Being of the lowest rank in my home I stumble to the pantry, eyes barely open, to obey my master’s testy commands. I dully plunge the teacup into the tyrant’s bucket of cat food. The dictator is trying to grab the cup from my hand as she follows me to her still “half-full” saucer waiting for her. I somehow make it to her dainty little bowl and proceed to obey the first orders of the day.

She is done with me, for now….


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  1. andersonaut said,

    August 14, 2013 at 11:49 pm


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