$20, 20 minutes, and your done

Men really do over think Valentine’s Day.
It isn’t difficult.

Buy some good chocolates (or a nice bottle of wine) for your woman.
Give her a good long sultry kiss and a very mushy card and your done.

(Sure you could do lots more, and that is great, but I think the above
is the least you should do and she would feel special.)

If she requires more than that, maybe you should rethink her.

I think most women would be thrilled to get this once a year,
chances are it is the only time they will.

That is why most women love Valentine’s Day.
If not, I’d put money on it is because some self-absorbed man couldn’t give just a little of himself. They were left feeling unloved and unappreciated.

Every woman wants and needs to feel special once in awhile.

If this is too much for you to give, maybe she should rethink you.


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