the man behind the curtain


I read today, that the ego is like the Wizard of Oz.


Our ego loves to sit tall, puffed up, on its big important throne, and loudly and obnoxiously shout,

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

But the Wizard is just an illusion, a good personification of the ego. Our ego is not who we are. This blow-hard’s  job is to keep us firmly rooted to this earth.  Mr. Ego, he takes his job seriously, and “struts and frets his hour upon the stage”. He is an insufferable bore, a know-it-all, who undoubtedly knows very little.

He really is a control freak!

But the man, with all the smarts, is behind the curtain. He  has wings, and will take you wherever it is you want to go.  He is your “I am”. It is just that he speaks with a still, small, voice. You need to be quiet to hear him. You have to go in search of him.

Oh, but when you find him…..


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