the unfamiliar path

I tramp a perpetual journey

Walt Whitman

This fresh little junket takes me on a path that is unfamiliar to me.

I don’t really know where this wayfarer is going just that I must go..

There is a fog, an unknowing, yet a familiar calling to me in the “up-ahead”, my future, my destiny.

I am anxious to arrive because this dewy voyage confuses me at times.

I can barely hear the celestial whisper. It seems to come one unsure step at a time and only if I strain to listen .

I call out “what’s that?”, “speak louder!”.  It frustrates me.  Why is this so brutal?! Must it always be uphill?

I feel as if I am still the little, timid, clumsy girl in line, picked last for sports.  My insecurities begin to take over, to strangle the life right out of me. I am afraid, disheartened. I feel my feet getting cold, unsteady, fearing the worst.  I will just lose interest, turn about and return to the same dusky haze of living.

But, did you hear that?  It continues to call my name….I must go.


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