choc rose

Today is…

Floral Design Day and National Chocolate Souffle Day

and I am going to town.

What that means is I am bring home chocolate or flowers or both!

I just love a good holiday!





I woke up this morning with a feeling of “allure” for this day.
It isn’t a word I usually think of.
I am excited for this day to “come-hither”.
I don’t know what the day holds but I am waiting expectantly.

ImageWhen I woke up this morning I heard a cardinal singing right outside the upstairs window. I opened the mini blinds to see my world covered with white, On the branch beside my window, was a beautiful redbird singing its heart out. Now that is a great wake up call!

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

“Sometimes the questions are complicated
and the answers are simple.”

― Dr. Seuss

In the hollow

child in winter

I am in a void right now.

Nothing is happening.

I am guessing it is a “between time”.

I am in the hollow of endings and beginnings.

I feel stagnant.

Like a tree in winter, I lay dormant.

I am waiting for the next season, realizing,

it takes time to arrive.

My inner child, ever the brat,

complains, “how much longer?”

The wise one within patiently explains, it is a time to acclimate,

to breathe. This spell is just as important as all the others.

So my bratty inner child is learning to listen….

while impatiently tapping her foot to the silence.

Can I try on your shoes?

Today, in my reading, I was reminded of an important truth…


Anger, is really just a longing for understanding.
We just want our feelings acknowledged and taken seriously.
We want our pain noticed.
We either play the role of victim, or judge and jury.
But, what is really going on, is that two people are hurting.
It isn’t about who is right and who is wrong, it is about love.
As we all know the opposite of love isn’t hate, but rather indifference.
We just need to walk a few steps in the other’s shoes,
and maybe, then,….we would understand.

“Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.”

Snow day


I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

Mae West

I am surrounded by this heavy white blanket of snow. I do not like it. It feels cold and treacherous. I feel isolated.  I need sunshine and warmth.

I search throughout my house to find some relief. Some joy, or beauty, or fun.  I just can’t find it. I really do not want to waste this day. I know there are miracles all around me. I just can’t remove these annoying blinders.

I haven’t figured out the solutions to days like these. I think we all have them and so it is okay. I think it is normal. Maybe our bodies and minds just need a day to shut down.

I don’t know.

It just makes me feel ungrateful, and I am not. I feel like a child receiving a gift and saying “is that all”?

It just isn’t nice. It is a good thing God loves me so much and he gets me. Even if I don’t understand myself. So, regardless of how I feel, I appreciate it all!

Thank you God!!!

American Buddhas, awaken!

buddha flag

Having a tired day, so I will leave you with one of my saved glimmers of wisdom :

….about letting things come and go. Learning to relax, just be, center, and naturally meditate is a well known spiritual secret that people ought to be able to learn and integrate into life. Like mental flossing, it keeps one open and free, calm and clear. I too was a teeenage thinkaholic, even till recently, but I’m much more spacious now.

American Buddhas, awaken! Loosen your attachments.”

Lama Surya Das



It’s Saturday!
Stop everything, and do something you love!

Daily Reminders


I have the granddaughter today so not enough quiet time to write . So, I am copying 10 of some of my daily reminders that I read each morning…


1. Look for the wonderful surprises in store for you today

2. Trust that everything is working out perfectly.

3. Breathe, Relax, Center yourself, Smile.

4. You have the ability to feel the way you want at all times,

5. Love yourself as you would love your own child.

6. Trust the universe to give you the answers,

7. Have patience, all things will happen at the right time.

8, The more you listen the more you hear.

9. Love where you are right now.

10. Act, talk and behave in ways that honors yourself and others.


Have a great day!  If you follow the above, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts you will!

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