Open windows

I just discovered this week that the doors have the questions but the windows bring me the answers. My windows are open and I am excited to see what will come through.  This spiritual person that I am has gotten so much bigger than the physical body I contain. Religion is boring, but oh my, how exciting is the Spirit. To know that we are all One.

I love that God loves me just as I am. I do not need to change for Him. I need to change for me.  Since when do we have to go through this or that to be saved??? God never leaves us.  We may leave him.  I do not worry. I know He thinks I am amazing (I have Him fooled- lol). We think life here on earth is so great. Won’t the joke be on us when we reach the other side.

I love the mysteries of life, but I love the answers even more…

Exciting stuff!!

The spirit in me honors the Divine.




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