Lesbians in Heaven

If this offends you I apologize but it is balm for my soul. If the whole world would just love and accept what a great place it would be. I absolutely love this response to a confused and fearful young girl.  Thanks Deepak!


Lesbians in Heaven

Hello, First I wanna say THANK YOU for the amazing 21 day meditation challenge, it has been amazing. I’m a young girl of Christian faith and lately I have developed feelings for girls. I just want to know do lesbians go to heaven? Please help me I am so confused! Is it right for me to be attracted to girls or must I fight this emotion? Please help Thank you!
There is nothing wrong with a young woman noticing that they have sexual feelings for another woman. And simply having same-sex attraction at this age does not imply that you are a lesbian. Maybe things will change, maybe they won’t. For some people sexual identity can be confusing. Try not to struggle or worry about identifying yourself according to your sexuality. Instead continue to focus on your spiritual growth and on becoming a loving and compassionate person. However your sexual identity takes shape, if you are a kind person, I’m sure that who you love will not keep you out of heaven.
Love, Deepak

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  1. Eric said,

    January 15, 2013 at 11:30 am

    Many learn early on that “we are all God’s children”. Unfortunately, some forget this or are taught to judge others. I agree that this response to the girl was well thought out and shows the best of Christian principles. Love thy neighbor is simple, but so true. Thanks for sharing this response from “DC”.

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