Hearing Voices…

There is a voice within me.

I only hear it when I am very still.

When I am not still, I easily get lost in the chaotic hum of the “other” voices. Those outside of my own self. These irritating “other voices” tell me what to do, how to act. At times they even insult me and make me feel less that I am. They cause this girl stress and confusion. Their constant chatter is loud and empty and dishonest.

When I am still, I am real and I am strong. I listen and my wise self speaks to me. It speaks truth and love and it is gentle and deep.

Within me there is a mystical place and I go there in awe of what I will learn. I listen with rapt attention. It is as if I am sitting at the knee of an old and wise grandmother, I feel comfort and love and acceptance in this sacred place.

so, be still, and know…



  1. June 1, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    I love this post. It is amazing to see you come into your own, really truly your own, after already growing me up so well. I feel so lucky to be here to witness it. ♥ Love, Dolly,

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