Laugh till it hurts

My stomach hurts. It has for over a month. My cheeks hurt too (the ones on my face),.

It really is a good thing, My daughter and her two kids have been staying with me for over a month. It seems if I am not at work, I am laughing, We laugh at everything. We think we are hilarious, my husband doesn’t, We try to keep it at a low roar when he is around. We really are hilarious, He knows it. He is stubborn and old school and he won’t admit it, but he knows it is true. The four year old granddaughter is ecstatic at this, She twirls and jumps and dances while we laugh. She comes 2″ from our face (even though we have an arm-distance length rule, and makes funny faces. She is missing her front tooth and she can make the weirdest (can’t say ugly) faces and we laugh all the harder. After the arm’s length rule is broken a few times we stop laughing until we have it up and running again.  It is still morning and already my sides are hurting. Life is good. Family is good. A house with Harmony is a good house.

 I am a happy camper.



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