Hanging by a thread

So, what do you do when you go to a therapist for help and they don’t. Someone near and dear to me is going through a difficult time. This person really needs help. After waiting weeks for an appt with a therapist, this “therapist” did most of the talking and this hurting individual ended up leaving even more messed up then when they arrived. I thought mental health professionals were suppose to be deep listeners so they could understand the problem and then help the hurting soul to find some answers. Not, blame it all on the past and people that aren’t part of the problem or even thought of anymore. Why not just blame the problems on someone else, oh wait, we already do that. You would think someone with 6-8 years of training would know to dig a little deeper. I guess it is just a job to many in the mental health field these days. Never mind an individual may be hanging by a thread. Mental illness is a serious disease and not to be taken lightly. Oh better yet the next day, another trained professional diagnosed this person with a serious problem and the gave the hurting soul some major medication that would keep the patient more asleep than awake. Some may have the luxury of sleeping away their lives but this sweet soul has people that are counting on them. Not only heavy duty medicine but also prescribed a higher dose than even is medically recommended. Geesh, we are talking about human life here. I guess this person can wait a few more weeks for another appt. I just hope they will still be around by then.


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