Here my daughter and I sit, side by side, laughing until we tear up. The four year old is trying to nap about 20 feet from us.  In fact, just now that girl tells her mommy she misses her.  No flies on her.  Unfortunately for the granddaughter, the daughter is a tad sharper and is on to her gig. Of course no one can sleep with us two hyenas together.  Actually we just needed the “quiet time”. I am trying to blog and my daughter doesn’t realize the talking has ceased and I am “trying” to blog. I just offered her ten bucks to be quiet for ten minutes so I can finish this. I didn’t really phrase it that way but it got a laugh all the same. So now it is almost quiet except for the tapping of computer keys, so I guess I will get back to the point of the blog. The little granddaughter is laying there, for what probably feels like for days at this point and all of a sudden she jumps up and excitedly says “do you hear that?”  We stop our noise for a minute to listen. “Its one of those things out there”. It dawns on me she thinks there is a helicopter outside so we tell her to run out there and look, quick! She is so thrilled as she hustles her little four year old body to the porch. After a couple of minutes she comes and says she didn’t see it and grudgingly goes back to her “bed”.  A few minutes later, it happens again, only for her to run out again and have missed the big metal bird. I ask her if she will go out the laundryroom door and yell for the dogs.  As she opens the door to the laundryroom, we hear her laughing and she says “oh, it is the dryer!” We then hear the washer on spin cycle and all begin to laugh. Well, it really was funny but I guess you had to be here…


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