Middle Sister, Middle Daughter

My beautiful daughter turned 25 this week. We brought her to eat at Montana Mikes but better yet I found her a great bottle of wine. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but after prodding from my husband we splurged. Now one rule for a wine connoisseur is that you do not buy your kids a more expensive wine than what you drink. I mean they are kids, what do they know? But this wine is called Middle Sister. My daughter is exactly that and could tell you many hilarious stories of her middle spot with the girls growing up. (My husband is blah blah blahing in the kitchen right now. I can’t think!) Anyhoo, we are even thinking of planning a trip to one of their events. What a fun time. It would be good to get out of Kansas and back in my own stomping grounds where people “get” wine. My middle daughter just took a sip of her “Middle Sister” and quietly said to herself, “I love wine”. Talk about good timing. She really isn’t a lush, but give her time. Anyhow, there quiz said I was a Drama Queen, that is about all that they don’t have right. I want the t-shirt that says “peace, love, merlot. My kids all say I am an old hippi so it is a little closer to the “go with the flow” lifestyle I try to embrace.  Well I would write more but there is some sister in the kitchen calling my name.  Chill!


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