a woman’s rambling

Wow I had forgotten what having small children around is like. I have my precious grandchildren and daughter here for a visit.  Each of them are amazing and I am enjoying our time together. However, I have gotten spoiled by my sweet companion of silence.  I think the mother’s of small children deserve to be spoiled rotten.  Women give and give and give and then receive so little in return. Even as their children become adults they will give until there is nothing left. If only the men that say they love these women would recognize how the women in their lives are worn so thin.  I am not a man, I don’t have a man’s prospective. I write as a woman, that I get. I know that women do a lot and receive a little in return.  If only men would show their appreciation once in  a while.  Wash a dish, change a diaper, buy some flowers (they are cheap at Walmart) write a poem, buy some chocolate for their better half.  Bring them some coffee or tea in bed. Put gas in the car for them, or even warm up their car on a cold morning.  All these ideas cost little or nothing. What a difference such little blessings can make.  I am lucky to have a man that remembers these little things and it makes me feel loved. Talk is cheap, love is tough,so today remember to send a little blessing someone’s way. A touch, a kind word, listen like you mean it.  In the end, all we really have is each other.



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  1. Mary said,

    January 18, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    I agree, girl. And I’m one of the spoiled ones as well. My dh works so hard…so when he surprises me with washed dishes, or keeps the hearth fires blazing all night to keep our casa warm and cozy, or gathers my eggs and shuts the chickens in for me while I’m fixing supper and then raves about what a great cook I am…it means the world to me. I don’t need flowers or chocolate or jewelry, just a little appreciation. :O) It’s the small details for me. But hand in hand with that goes having a thankful heart. There is almost always something to find joy in….someone said if we threw our troubles in a big pot with everyone else’s, we’d soon pull ours back out again and own them gladly! Neat to see you blogging!

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